An investment property is a valuable asset and as such it needs to be managed professionally, it's why our philosophy is to look after your property as if it were our own.

The three principles that are the basis for managing client's property are simple: we Listen, we make time and we do whatever is required to satisfy client’s needs. In terms of expertise our knowledge of Residential Tenancies and all associated legislation is considerable and provides clients with the highest and most professional level of service within the industry. Additionally, we have implemented extensive efficiency procedures and ensured that our communication and awareness of client's needs is second to none. Here's how we can successfully manage managing your residential property:

Property Marketing

In order to achieve a minimal vacancy period (ideally no vacancy) we suggest marketing commence approximately three (3) weeks prior to the property becoming available. We strive to expose your property to the greatest possible number of prospective tenants by loading details onto the 3 most prominent real estate internet sites, erecting property signage, local advertising in The Melbourne Times and e-mail alerts through the Harrington Earl ‘Qualified Tenant Database’.

Tenant Selection

Quite simply, our objective is to find the most suitable tenant in the quickest possible time. In order to recommend a high standard of occupant, and to be confident in doing so, we personally attend all inspections and actively interview all prospective tenants. Our team of managers have the years and experience to get a good sense of the character and reliability of the tenants we choose. Prospective tenants are required to complete a detailed application following their successful interview. Stability in employment, previous rental history, financial capability and ability to maintain the property in its best order are just some of the criteria that we investigate.

Repairs & Maintenance

We act on repairs and maintenance in accordance with your instructions and we use only qualified tradespeople. Harrington Earl have a selection of experienced and competitively priced tradesman to cover all aspects of property maintenance, however, you can also nominate your own preferred tradespeople. Urgent repairs are dealt with as soon as possible in order to limit any further damage or added expense. Harrington Earl have a member of staff on call 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to deal with repairs of an urgent nature.

Repairs carried out on your behalf are paid for from your rent and are fully detailed on your monthly rental statement with a copy of the invoice attached for your records.

Rental Income Reviews

We regularly assess the rental income of your investment property to maintain the best returns. We do this by comparing and reviewing account rents of similar properties, vacancies within the area, condition of the property and the quality of the existing tenant. Should these factors justify a rent increase, we will advise you and seek your instructions.

Rent Collection

Paying rent is easy with tenants having two (2) easy options for their monthly rental payment. A ‘Direct Debit’ electronic transfer from your tenant’s nominated bank account or we can issue the tenant with a DEFT card from Macquarie Bank enabling payment over the internet or an Australia Post outlet.

Receiving Your Rent

We prepare and forward a monthly rent statement for each individual investment property however should you have multiple properties, we can arrange for one statement covering all properties, should that be your preference. Each statement details the rent collected, any disbursement and GST for that period. The rent monies are either electronically deposited to your nominated bank account or a cheque is attached and forwarded with your statement – whichever you'd prefer. Annual Financial Statements are prepared in July for the previous financial year to assist you and your accountant in preparing your annual tax return.

Regular Inspections

Prior to the signing of the tenancy agreement, a detailed Condition Report and a set of digital photographs are completed so there can be no disagreement as to the state of the property prior to the tenants taking occupation. Included in our management fee are two (2) periodic inspections of your investment property each year. Following these inspections and in accordance with your instructions we will either contact you or forward you a written report as to the property’s condition and any suggested routine maintenance or improvement that may enhance your rental return.

Our Service Guarantee

When placing such a large asset in the hands of an agent, you need to feel absolutely confident your investment is in safe hands. We believe in setting the highest of standard in investment management and as such we always ensure you have direct access to one of our directors as a second point of call should you have a concern, a query that has not been resolved satisfactorily or simply want to pass on a compliment regarding your dealings. We always there for you whatever your query, request or feedback might be. And we stand by our word when it comes to service. Our commitment to quality service standards is reinforced by our pledge to pay you equal to three (3) months management fees if we fail to provide you with a high level of service.

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