Maintenance Request

During your tenancy you may have maintenance that requires action. Whether the work is urgent or not, here are all the things you'll need to know.

Procedures regarding urgent repairs can be found on pages 20 and 21 of your 'Consumer Affairs Victoria – Renting a home – A guide for Tenants' booklet

First, contact us

The first thing you need to do with regards to all maintenance is to contact us either at the office during regular working hours on 9488 1888 or if it is After Hours you can call our Property Manager direct on 0438 399 673. They will return your call, discuss the problem and arrange the necessary work as appropriate.

Be sure about the repair work

You should appreciate that if a fault occurs after hours, a call-out from a tradesperson can be EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE therefore you need to make sure that the fault is a real and genuine emergency otherwise you may find yourself liable for the difference between the cost of the after hours call repair and the charge for normal working hours call, e.g.: one broken element on a stove, a candle not working in a space heater or a faulty power point that is not dangerous if not used DO NOT CONSTITUTE EMERGENCY REPAIRS.

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Can our authorised tradesperson use the office duplicate keys to gain access to your property?


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