Tenancy Application

Looking to rent? Before you apply for any of our properties for lease you will need to complete our Residential Tenancy Application for each adult resident and supply appropriate information detailed in the forms. Take your time and provide as much detail as possible.

Personal Details

When we process your Application we will require you to provide personal identification including a photographic Id. Which could be a drivers licence or passport together with other supporting documents.


Given Name/s:


Date of Birth:


Property Details

Property address:


Have you personally inspected the property?

Names of other adult applicants applying with you:

Total number of occupants:



Preferred occupation date:

What length of lease would you like?

Contact Details

Home Phone:

Mobile Phone:

Fax Phone:

Work Phone:

Current address:


Personal Identification

Drivers Licence Number:

Expiry Date:

Driver’s licence state:

Passport no:

Passport country:

Applicant History

Current Landlord / Agent Details

How long have you lived at your current address?

Why are you leaving this address?

Name of Landlord or Agent of this property (if applicable)

Landlord/Agent's phone no.

Weekly Rent

Previous Landlord / Agent Details

What was your previous residential address?


How long have you lived at previous address?

Name of Landlord or Agent of this property (if applicable)

Landlord/Agent's phone no.

Weekly Rent

Was bond refunded in full

If not why not?

Employment History

Current employment details

What is your current occupation

Type of employment

Employer's name

Employers address


Contact Name

Contact Phone Number

Length of employment

Net Income

Previous employment details

What was your last occupation

Type of employment

Length of employment

Net Income

Contacts / References

Emergency Contact


First Name

Relationship to you

Phone Number

Please provide 2 personal references (not related to you nor friends)

Referee One


First Name

Relationship to you

Phone Number

Referee Two


First Name

Relationship to you

Phone Number

Other Information

Car Registration

Please provide details of any pets:


Council registration / number

Utility Connections

This is a FREE service that connects all your utilities and other services.

Direct Connect can help arrange for the connection of provision of the following utilities and other services:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Phone
  • Internet
  • Pay TV
  • Cleaners
  • Insurance
  • Removalist
  • Truck or Van hire
Please Note

Initial payments must be made by direct debit, cash, bank cheque or money order within 24 hours after approval of application. No Personal Cheques accepted.

Keys will not be handed over until the lease agreement has been signed by all applicants.

This application is accepted subject to the availability of the property on the due date and no action shall be taken by the applicant against the landlord and the agent should any circumstances arise whereby the property is not available for occupation on the due date.

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